Summer it is! It’s hot and that feeling that you want to be refresh, somewhere near and affordable and peaceful. Will i have something in my mind. Why not try this super cool resort in Dapitan City, Zamboangga Del Norte. We visit the place last year and when i saw it, WOW! worth the long period of travel. It is Dakak Park and Resort.

I went there with my classmates and my friends, Luisa and Mildred. We depart in CDO by 3am and went to Mukas Port Lanao del Norte via bus. We arrived at Mukas by 6am and went to Ozamis city via Barge.

after 30mins. or more we arrived at Ozamis City and had our breakfast. Then we travel again via bus going to Dapitan. Before arriving at the location we had a stop over for our lunch, and i totally forgot the name of the place but it is a floating restaurant and it’s buffet. ^_____^

After eating a lot of foods and gaining a lot of energy, we proceed at our travel. And after a long hours of sitting down down at the bus. We arrived at one of the most beautiful paradise in Mindanao. 

ACTION 101: green n’ the darkness

ACTION 101: First Amateur

I really love experimenting clothes and watch out

For a new fashion style.

So I just think, why not show to the world

My own piece of experimenting.


My first amateur pictorial, I’m addicted to camera

Taking photos and everything.

But modeling a clothes of mine is kinda

Awkward for the first time..:DD

I bought the dress in Singapore

Particularly in Bugis Junction.

I love to shop at Bugis Junction because

You can find anything there

Especially fashionable clothes.

No one is perfect, I think my pair of sandals

Is wrong of choice ..

But the dress is great.

»Splash at the Local«



Summer is up, and the heat is hot. When you say summer one thing that comes up in my mind and that is heat, and the only thing to recover from heat is water. Will I have a very fantastic and fun and adventurous summer last year. “tan-tan-ta-dan——“ WHITE RIVER RAFTING in our local, Cagayan de Oro City. It’s a class group excursion, when I say class group I mean my classmates, teachers and also myself :D

Short information of the White River Rafting from

Cagayan de Oro is slowly becoming known as the Whitewater rafting capital of the Philippines, and indeed the city does live up to its name. The Cagayan de Oro River stretches 22 kilometers long and boasts of more than 25 rapids ranging from levels I to IV, making it perfect for beginners up to experts looking for adrenalin thrills.

While the sport has been practiced since the 1990s, the city rose into popularity as a famous whitewater rafting destination in the early 2000s. Since then, a number of whitewater rafting groups and guides have sprouted, offering their services to excited tourists and residents who are ready to conquer the rapids.

Outfitters to Choose From

If you’re thinking of going on a rafting excursion, here is a list of whitewater rafting outfitters that you can choose from:

Great White Water Rafting


Contact #: (088) 310-5495

Rafting Adventure Philippines (Cagayan de Oro Whitewater Rafting Adventure)



Contact #: (088) 8571270/(088) 856-3514

The Red Rafts



Contact #: (088)8577238

Kagay Whitewater Rafting



Contact #: (088)3104402/+639177122323

CDO Bugsay River Rafting


Contact #: +639173284729

Golden Friendship Whitewater Rafting


Contact #: (088)8589007/+639194924488

What to Expect

Most whitewater rafting outfitters offer the same features. They usually have two or three courses to choose from: the beginner’s course, which is best for beginners up to the extreme course; which is of course, for experienced rafters. Rates will vary depending on the type of course, package and outfitter of choice. Expect to pay a minimum of PHP500 per head for the beginner’s course to up to PHP2000 for extreme courses.

Your basic rafting package will include an orientation prior to the activity, transportation to the starting site (usually from the city proper), free changing and bathing rooms at the starting site and end site, use of rafting gear and lunch. Photography services are also available for a certain fee.

Some outfitters have other services including horseback riding trips or even overnight accommodations. To make sure that you get the best deals, check out and compare these white water rafting outfitters today.

How to Prepare For Your Adventure

Regardless of your outfitter or course of choice, it’s important to be prepared. A whole course can last anywhere around 3 to 6 hours, so don’t forget to pack extra food and put on loads of sun block.

Proper rafting attire is also necessary. Wear shorts and a t-shirt; but you can also opt to wear long sleeved rash guards or shirts to prevent uneven tanning. Some women wear spandex leggings underneath their shorts to protect their legs from darkening as well. Your clothing of choice should be comfortable enough and should not constrict your movement. You may also want to choose clothes that dry easily.

For footwear, guides usually recommend aqua shoes, but you can opt for open sandals as well. Some people wear slippers, but you might end up losing it during strong currents, so wear those with straps instead.

So, if you’re all set and raring to go, check out these Cagayan de Oro Whitewater rafting outfitters and pick your guide today!


For a very long period of time and for the very long time of sitting in the Jeepney we arrive at our destination where we gonna start our great Adventure of all time.

But, before conquering the wild river of Cagayan de Oro City, the Bugsay company Who facilitates us give their assurance that we are in safe hands and each boat there Is two Bugsay member who will guide us. And they talk a lot of things, of course I’m scared because I don’t know how to swim and it’s my first real adventure.

The best part of our rafting is we make sure that God is with us to keep us safe and Avoid us in danger. We have our group prayer.


This is our face after the first course BIG SMILE..:DD the current in this river Was calm and the “bahay-kubo” is quite near to let us rest for a while, and have Our Lunch together . We’re honestly starving in this time all our energy and Voice were all gone. So we need to restore our energy for our last course.


After eating we are all energize to finish the race

We saw a Big/Huge stone and we all decided to climb up and jump.It’s fun right? Thank God we have our life vest. Thank you to the Person who invented the Life vest :DD

After a short time of swimming, jumping, and enjoying with friends We paddled again———to the FINISH LINE.!!

And the winner goes to “US” :DD

The faces of very successful WHITE RIVER RAFTING.!!

And these are my two bestfriends who fight with me till the end. We

Super duper enjoy the rafting. It’s beyond of my imagination that I can

Treasure forever. :DD <3 <3 <3